Why Pliskin?

A Unique Commercial Real Estate Firm

Pliskin Realty has the distinct advantage of having the reach of a large commercial real estate firm, balanced by the accessibility of the firm’s top professionals – all highly-respected industry veterans. With two separate entities of the company, Pliskin Realty, Inc. and Pliskin Realty Management, LLC., the knowledgeable staff can service every aspect of commercial real estate issues. 


When it comes to brokerage services for a national brand retailer and negotiating the best terms, or securing the right tenant mix for a property owner, brokerage clients know they can rely on Pliskin Realty and Development, Inc.  to serve their best interests.

Property Management

Regarding property management services, Pliskin Realty Management, LLC. knows what it takes to be an effective property owner and a property manager. We leverage our first-hand knowledge of property ownership and commercial real estate to manage client properties like they're our own, giving Pliskin a decided advantage over less vested property managers. It also gives them great peace of mind knowing their properties are in good hands and that their property values and related income will be maximized.


Pliskin’s development services are end-to-end. Pliskin can develop a location from start to finish -- securing the necessary municipal approvals, assembling the design/construction team, and transforming a site to a successful income-producing retail property. The company has developed prime properties throughout the competitive New York-Metropolitan region on a preferred development basis for national brand name retailers.

All of these attributes make Pliskin a clear front-runner for brokerage, property management and preferred development because it has built its reputation not on size, but on its knowledge, service and integrity. Regardless of the size of the deal, the company’s commercial real estate knowledge and unparalleled service quality never fall short of the high bar it has set.


Why Pliskin?

Pliskin – The Clear Front Runner