Property Management Services

property managementExpert, Worry-Free Commercial Property Management

Pliskin Realty Management, LLC. recognizes that it is a major decision for property owners to hire a third-party property management partner. Pliskin makes the decision easier and wins their trust by managing its clients’ properties exactly like it manages its own. The firm expertly assumes all of the property management functions, removing the burden from the property owner, and freeing them to concentrate on other more productive pursuits. There are currently approximately 80 properties with over 400 tenants utilizing Pliskin's commercial property management services in Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn NY. They include shopping centers and multi-family residential properties. Close attention is paid to every detail. The primary focus is to:

  • Maximize Income,
  • Minimize Expenses, and
  • Retain and Attract High Quality Tenants.

Total Property Management Capabilities

All aspects of a property’s requirements are met, including:

  • Timely billing of rents and diligent collections
  • Accurate management of books of accounts, records and related documentation
  • Property budgeting
  • Supervision of capital improvements
  • Effective coordination and supervision of all professionals and contractors
  • Comprehensive property maintenance, from building systems, common area maintenance, preventive maintenance and repairs, to pest control, landscaping, snow and ice removal, garbage removal, roof maintenance, building and parking lot repairs and security
  • Supervision of tenants, while promoting positive landlord/tenant relationships
  • Insurance oversight and management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Real estate tax management/tax reduction
  • Legal actions managed by our in-house counsel
  • Property marketing, leasing and sales

Leveraging Best-in-Class Commercial Property Management Resources

Pliskin Realty Management, LLC. leverages its fully-integrated real estate services, state-of-the-art technologies and the extensive skills of its experienced real estate professionals to deliver expert property management.

Owners of retail, multi-family and commercial real estate rely on Pliskin to keep their properties fully-occupied with the right tenant mix, well-maintained and monitored for optimum financial performance.  The company’s strong, working relationships with national brand retailers, the broader real estate community, contractors, architects, engineers, and local municipalities further accrue significant benefits to property owners. The Pliskin property management team provides the most well-rounded services to property owners in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island NY.

Property Management Services

Delivering the Maximum ROI