“Pliskin Realty & Development has been serving the needs of Advance Auto Parts, Inc. for the past eight years. Pliskin brokers know the market and are known through the market. They have a good network of property owners, businesses and other brokers. This enables them to get the leads on new property listings before they go to market. The Pliskin team is very receptive to our needs and quick to respond. They are creative, think out-of-the-box and are flexible – all important traits since many deals are not straightforward. Further, I appreciate that Pliskin is also efficient in their handling of the various documents associated with a transaction.”
George Benavides, Regional Real Estate Manager, Advance Auto Parts, Inc.

“I look for a relationship – an understanding between myself and the landlord. This helps me grow my business and also helps me further understand my business. This type of representation is always available through Pliskin. Pliskin does his research. His company understands the specifics in the marketplace, the changes that take place in the economy and how they affect the tenant and landlord dynamic. Pliskin and his representatives do not consider only the landlord’s needs, but the needs of their tenants as well. We need a broad scope to maximize the relationship between a landlord and tenant and that’s exactly how Pliskin looks at each situation. For almost 30 years, I have found Pliskin to be always available and hands on with the issues that needed to be addressed.”
David Acker, President, Sleepy’s LLC.

Responsive, Out-of-the-Box Thinkers