Tenant Representation Services

tenant representationTenant Representation with Integrity in Every Transaction.

Tenants seeking the best locations for their businesses regard Pliskin as an invaluable tenant representation resource with extensive market experience, demographic/market data, and strong working relationships with the area’s landlords and brokerage community. They value Pliskin’s ability to present properties that have “not yet hit the market” and provide a detailed understanding of each property, both essential elements of successful tenant representation. Pliskin is recognized for working hard and smart on behalf of its clients – paying close attention to each tenant’s specific needs and securing the very best location, at the best terms.

Because of Pliskin’s experience as an owner, property manager, and its president’s background as a real estate attorney, it provides added value to its tenant representation services that other brokers cannot, namely:

  • Extensive knowledge of construction costs,
  • Established relationships with high quality contractors,
  • Practical experience in knowing what lease issues are important once the lease is signed, and
  • Ability to secure municipal approvals expeditiously.

Pliskin brings to every assignment a sense of integrity – the foundation of its tenant representation and the basis for its longstanding relationships with leading national brands.

Tenants can count on Pliskin to provide an end-to-end service. From site selection and property analyses to lease renewals and expansion services, and subleases, when required. Once the right property is identified, Pliskin can support a tenant in the built-out and/or renovation of a space to accommodate a tenant’s specific operational needs.

Our longstanding relationships with a wide range of general contractors, construction managers and subcontractors helps expedite a construction project and facilitate a tenant’s occupancy. Perhaps the best evidence of Pliskin’s professional, effective tenant representation is the long list of leading national brand retailers who regard Pliskin Realty and Development, Inc. as their primary resource for tenant representation within the New York City and Long Island region.

Tenant Representation Services

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